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Contech Media - Migrating a Client’s Web Applications to AWS AppRunner

Contech Media specialises in offering Content and Technical Media solutions tailored to the needs of Broadcasters and Rights Owners. Contech Media provides a comprehensive range of services, including strategy, production, operations, and delivery. With a diverse catalog of content available, they offer various rights and distribution methods suitable for the African market. Whether you're looking to monetise your existing catalog, launch a new brand, or discover compelling content, Contech Media is here to help.

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The Challenge:

Scalability Challenges:
The client's existing infrastructure was severely limited in its ability to scale, making it difficult to accommodate sudden spikes in traffic and rapidly allocate resources as needed. This constraint hindered the company's capacity to adapt to changing demands and optimise performance.

Operational Overload:
Managing and maintaining the client's infrastructure required an enormous amount of time and resources, diverting attention away from core business activities and innovation initiatives. This operational burden hindered the company's ability to focus on strategic growth and competitiveness.

Performance Shortfalls:
The performance of the client's infrastructure applications was subpar, leading to occasional downtime and suboptimal user experiences. This resulted in decreased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately impacting the company's reputation and bottom line.

Update Complexity:
As we undertook system updates to both the backend and frontend, managing the Node.js version became increasingly complex, leading to difficulties in controlling dependencies and mitigating compatibility issues. This update challenge further exacerbated the operational and performance challenges faced by the client.

The Solution:

Strategic Migration:
Following a thorough analysis of Contech Media's needs and a rigorous evaluation of available options, Reliance Cloud made the strategic decision to migrate the company's applications to AWS App Runner.

This innovative solution offered a managed container service that streamlined the deployment and scaling of web applications, allowing Reliance Cloud to redirect its focus towards developing cutting-edge solutions, rather than devoting precious resources to infrastructure management

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Key Features and Benefits:

AWS App Runner offered a range of key features and benefits that significantly enhanced the performance and scalability of Contech Media's applications. These included:

Automatic Scaling:
AWS App Runner's intelligent scaling capabilities automatically adjusted resources to match traffic patterns, ensuring that Contech Media's applications could seamlessly adapt to fluctuations in demand without manual intervention.

Managed Infrastructure:
By leveraging AWS App Runner, Contech Media was able to significantly reduce the administrative burden of managing infrastructure, freeing up resources to focus on strategic initiatives and high-value activities.

Improved Performance:
By leveraging AWS's global network infrastructure and advanced optimisation capabilities, Contech Media was able to achieve improved application performance, resulting in faster response times and enhanced user experiences.

Cost Efficiency:
AWS AppRunner's pay-as-you-go pricing model enables Contech Media to achieve cost savings by only paying for resources consumed, eliminating the need for upfront infrastructure investment.
Simplified Management: The migration to AWS AppRunner has streamlined management and deployment processes, reducing administrative overhead and allowing the team to focus on core business activities.

Enhanced Reliability:
AWS AppRunner's managed infrastructure provides enhanced reliability and availability, minimising downtime and ensuring a seamless user experience for customers.
Version Management: AWS AppRunner's Docker deployment capabilities enable tighter control over the Node.js version, enhancing dependency management and ensuring compatibility.

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