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POP Studio's Successful Adaptation to Remote Work with AWS Cloud Computing

POP studio is a lean, agile and highly proficient television production unit located inside the television division of Media24. As well as marketing material for international clients, POP has created content for Mzansi Magic, the brand-new Pan-African lifestyle channel Honey, and the Afrikaans lifestyle channel Via.

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When faced with the need to transition to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, POP Studio encountered several challenges. Their existing infrastructure limited accessibility to media files and resources, hindering collaboration and productivity among team members. Additionally, scaling their storage and computing resources to meet fluctuating demands was a complex and time-consuming process.


The comprehensive solution of Amazon G4 instances, NiceDCV, and LucidLink empowered POP Studio to overcome the challenges of remote work and deliver high-quality television content efficiently. The combination of secure remote visualisation, real-time editing capabilities, and seamless file synchronisation provided a robust editing environment. This solution optimised resource allocation, reduced dependency on local workstations, and enhanced the overall editing process, resulting in timely and exceptional content delivery.


POP Studio's adoption of Amazon G4 instances, NiceDCV for PCoIP remote visualisation, and LucidLink's cloud file system revolutionised their cloud-based video editing workflow. This solution facilitated seamless remote collaboration, real-time editing capabilities, and efficient resource utilisation. POP Studio successfully adapted to remote work challenges, maintained productivity, and consistently delivered outstanding television content.

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