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Streamlined Cloud-Based Colour Grading Using LucidLink and DaVinci Resolve

The Post Co’s have a fully calibrated Rec. 709 DaVinci Resolve suite, which is also HDR capable. They pride ourselves in their ability to amplify and strengthen any narrative through the art of Video Colour Grading. They love what we do and are passionate about delivering excellence in every shot.

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The client, a creative post-production studio specialising in colour grading and video editing, faced significant challenges when it came to collaborating on projects and performing resource-intensive colour grading tasks. Their existing workflow was hindered by the limitations of receiving video footage on physical hard-drives and the need for local access to project files. Additionally, real-time collaboration on colour grading was a complex and time-consuming process.


The proposed solution involved utilising cloud-based resources and tools to address the client's challenges. The following components were implemented.
1. Amazon Web Services (AWS): Amazon Simple Storage Service S3: 
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) was used to store the client's project files securely in the cloud.
2. LucidLink:
LucidLink's cloud-native file service was implemented to enable high-speed access to project files stored in Amazon S3. 
3. DaVinci Resolve:
DaVinci Resolve, a powerful colour grading and video editing software.


This transformation optimised resource utilisation; local workstations were unburdened from storing and processing large video files, enabling teams to focus entirely on the creative aspects of colour grading. The integration amalgamated seamless collaboration, performance, data management, scalability, and resource efficiency, fostering an environment where innovation thrived uninhibited.

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