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RAWKRAFT Utilising Efficient Cloud-Based Solutions for File Transfers and Video Editing

RAWKRAFT TV a prominent media production company in Johannesburg, specialises in creating high-quality video content for Television Broadcast. They faced significant challenges when it came to transferring large video files and conducting video editing tasks efficiently. Traditional methods of file transfer were slow and unreliable, and their in-house video editing infrastructure often led to delays in finalising projects for play-out at broadcasters.

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The challenges confronting RAWKRAFT were diverse. Managing video files ranging from 50GB to 90GB proved a daunting task for conventional transfer methods, causing efficiency bottlenecks. Simultaneously, their on-premises video editing infrastructure lagged behind project demands, leading to unwarranted time setbacks. Ensuring timely delivery of video files to broadcasters was non-negotiable, yet conventional transfers tarnished their reputation with avoidable delays.


The solution lay in harnessing cloud resources for a transformative approach:
1. Amazon Web Services (AWS):
- G4dn Instance: RAWKRAFT harnessed the prowess of a dynamic G4dn instance, fortified with NVIDIA GPUs, for seamless video editing.

- EC2 M5 Large Instance: The pivotal role of an EC2 M5 large instance was to host Cloud Expadat, an agile file transfer solution adept at managing large files with precision.

2. Cloud Expadat:
- Cloud Expadat was embraced for its proficiency in managing large files through swift transfers, fortified by robust security protocols.


The orchestrated implementation revolved around uploading video files to the Cloud Expadat instance on the EC2 M5 large instance, with Cloud Expadat’s protocol orchestrating impeccable high-speed transfers. Post video editing, the refined files elegantly segued into Cloud Expadat for seamless broadcaster delivery.
The services provided by Reliance Cloud to RAWKRAFT yielded an efficient cloud-based antidote for file transfers and video editing. This case study stands as a testament to the ascendancy of cloud technologies in surmounting the intricate challenges that beset the media production landscape.

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